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Unifying League of Legends Data

6 minute read

In my two years working on League of Legends data, I have acquired data from: The Riot Games API The Leaguepedia API Community s...

Realistic Python and Docker work flow

25 minute read

Docker is the new be-all-end-all of environment management for software development. By providing a concise and heavily customizable way to handle dependenci...

Tolki’s LoL data tech stack - 2020

8 minute read

A year and a half ago, my first blog post was about the tech stack I had settled on for League of Legends data analysis. At that time, I had only re-started ...

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The perfect League of Legends coaching staff

12 minute read

How to organize coaching in League of Legends is still a pretty contentious point. Each team has its own way of doing it, and the coaching staffs varies wild...

Optimizing LoL builds through Machine Learning

7 minute read

Finding the right items and runes builds in LoL yields high returns at a minimal cost to players. It is an important part of the analyst’s job as finding tho...

Pioneering data-driven esports analysis

8 minute read

As the lead member of our data analysis branch, I had to build our system from scratch and choose which technologies to use for every part of the stack. I th...

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